Bally Hi-Deal, 1975

Bally Hi Deal, 1975

A first pinball machine is a special thing, to be sure. It’s even more so when it comes with a story.

In November of 2016, my cousin Brendan reached out to me with an offer I couldn’t refuse. He was working at the time in a youth home, to […]

Williams Duramold – Part 1 – Coming Home!

In early November of 2016, my friend Jacob and I saddled up and headed into the far north of Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. A few weeks earlier, I had managed to strike a deal with Ken Falta, the proprietor of Golden Age Arcade Parts, which involved, among other things, trading some 3D printing equipment […]

GORF – Part Two – Flight Stick Trigger Replacement.

When the GORF came home, there was really only one problem with it: the trigger on the flight stick had broken, and was hanging loosely in the stick, held in by a rubber band. The previous owner had purchased, and included with our deal a replacement part.

Getting the stick apart was something of a […]

GORF – Part One – Coming Home

As long as I have enjoyed arcade games, I’ve liked games with a little variety. One that not everyone appreciates as much as I do is Midway’s 1981 release, GORF. Supposedly, the name was an abbreviation for “Galactic Orbital Robot Force”, but personally I think it really has to do with spelling something backward. I […]

Missile Command – Part One – Coming Home

The day I picked up the Battlezone Cabaret was big. On the long drive to Northern Washington, I stopped off in the town of Centralia (so called because it is just about halfway between Portland and Seattle), to pick up a change dispenser that had been advertised on Craigslist. When i got there, it turned […]

Williams Stargate – Part One – Coming Home

Shortly after I brought the Centipede Cabaret home, My friend Jacob was approached by a co-worker who, hearing about his interest in arcade games, let him know that there was a Williams Stargate in his mother’s basement that she was looking to get rid of.

Stargate arrives.

Stargate wasn’t a game that I […]

Battlezone Cabaret – Retrace line issue SOLVED!

Battlezone test mode showing retrace lines.

No sooner had I gotten my 1980 Atari Battlezone Cabaret home and working, when a small but potentially annoying video issue became apparent.

If you are unfamiliar with the differences between Raster and Vector monitors, here is a brief introduction:

On my game, there was something going […]

My Arcade gets its own logo!

Doesn’t every home arcade have a logo designed by two famous and talented artists?

The three versions of the Zencade logo.

Last Christmas, I got what may actually be the coolest gift I’ve ever been given. My good friend Jacob, who is the creative force behind The Wooden Arcade, handed me a box, […]

Donkey Kong – Part One – Coming Home

Donkey Kong happy at home.

On February 3rd, 2016, I scored a Donkey Kong machine. The price was a bit lower than they seemed to be going for, and the seller was very up front about the reason: He said it was playing blind just fine, but the video was scrambled, and he […]

Basic differences between vector (XY) and raster scan monitors:

Vector monitors, also called XY monitors, work on a different principle than standard raster monitors. Both are CRT monitors, but there is very little similarity beyond that. Raster monitors, like televisions, create an image by starting at one side of the screen, and scanning all the way across, then moving to the next line, and […]