Asteroids Deluxe Cabaret – Part One – Coming Home

Asteroids Deluxe in its new home.

On April 27th, 2016, along with my good friend Jacob, I set out from Portland to the Central Washington town of Chelan to pick up this Asteroids Deluxe Cabaret. For some reason, I had dramatically underestimated the drive time from Portland to Chelan, so it took an […]

Battlezone Cabaret – Part One – Coming Home

The Battlezone Cabaret, just off the truck. It definitely needed a bath.

Many of us who grew up during the Golden Age of arcade games have fond memories of a particular game at a particular location. One of my own such memories is of Atari’s 1980 title Battlezone. The time was 1981, and […]

Centipede Cabaret – Part One – Coming Home

In the hot summer of 2015, I got my first game, a Centipede Cabaret. For those who may not be familiar with the term, a “Cabaret” is a smaller version of an upright game, often with a smaller monitor, and in the case of Atari, plain woodgrain-patterned vinyl on the sides rather than more elaborate […]