My Arcade gets its own logo!

Doesn’t every home arcade have a logo designed by two famous and talented artists?

The three versions of the Zencade logo.

The three versions of the Zencade logo.

Last Christmas, I got what may actually be the coolest gift I’ve ever been given.  My good friend Jacob, who is the creative force behind The Wooden Arcade, handed me a box, but failed to warn me about what was about to happen.  I opened it up, and found what, under other circumstances might be a perfectly normal and unremarkable (but certainly nice!) gift: A hoodie and a T-shirt.

The thing is, this was in no way an ordinary hoodie and t-shirt set!

As you can see, these were adorned with what has become the official face of the Zencade. The story here gets even better.

First printing Zencade T-shirt and Hoodie.

First printing Zencade T-shirt and Hoodie.

As it happens, Jacob’s brother in-law is Aaron Draplin, of the Draplin Design Co., North America. Jacob conceived of an amazing idea, drew up a pencil sketch, and then passed it along to Aaron for the full design treatment. The result: One design in color, as well as two in monochrome .  The color version is the obvious choice for things like banners and blog headers, while the mono versions also look really sharp on a t-shirt, or possibly a vinyl decal.  Both will likely be available in the near future.

From the moment I started to consider the idea of a home arcade, a custom logo has been high on the “must have” list.  A very big THANK YOU to Jacob Ashley and Aaron Draplin for making this one happen!

Meantime, go check out both of their websites. You’re guaranteed to find something amazing that you had no idea that you couldn’t live without!

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